Signposts: A Broken Promise

a broken promise

After the first abortion many women make themselves a promise: “never again.” It was the best decision at the time, but in the future–they resolve–things will be different. But the emotions that follow an abortion can be complex. Sometimes those emotions cause women to choose behaviors that make it hard …

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Signposts: Change in Relationships

If you have experienced an abortion, your perspectives and attitudes may change – even in your relationships. Are there ways in which you’re feeling different about yourself or others? Have you noted changes in your attitude toward relationships with others? Do you find yourself avoiding relationships, trying to keep yourself …

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A Story


There’s a reason why individuals, families, and even entire cultures preserve and share stories. It’s part of our human nature to want to be connected with each other. Through stories, we can establish and strengthen connections, teach and learn, and sometimes find meaning and comfort during challenging times in our …

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