The Lost Baby

what did i know about waters rushing back what did i know about drowning or being drowned*     I read “the lost baby poem” last week and I am still thinking about it today. So often, we are tangled up in our worries and feelings of guilt, when other…

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A Restore Client Story

After going through an abortion, many women describe feeling trapped in an emotional darkness that is difficult to get out of by themselves. Recently, a client shared her experience of going through a Restore group and how she found that “light at the end of the tunnel” of emotional pain.…

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Signposts: A Broken Promise

a broken promise

After the first abortion many women make themselves a promise: “never again.” It was the best decision at the time, but in the future–they resolve–things will be different. But the emotions that follow an abortion can be complex. Sometimes those emotions cause women to choose behaviors that make it hard…

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